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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Achillea Cerise Queen FP Rose-red coloured flowers, useful for cutting. 60cm tall.
Achillea Summer Pastels F2 FP A nice mix in a good range of colours, it will flower 4 months from sowing in good conditions, ideal for cutting. 60cm tall.
Agapanthus Headbourne Mix P A hardy strain, containing a mixture of 2 colours - white and violet-blue, 75-100cm tall.
Agastache Liquorice Mix P aromatic leaf, blue & white flower spikes, 60cm tall
Ageratum Blue Danube F1 A blue flowers, continuous early flowering variety, 15cm tall
Ageratum Blue Mink A large blue fluffy flowers, compact, 30cm tall
Alpines Hardy Mix P a good mix with some of the more unusual varities included
Alstroemeria Ligtu Hybrids Mix P ideal border plant, and long lasting cut flower, 80cm tall
Alyssum Carpet of Snow A dwarf plants, white flowers, spreading variety, ideal for bedding, 8cm tall
Alyssum Rosie O Day A rose-pink flowers, on low spreading plants, 8cm tall
Amaranthus Caudatus A long blood-red coloued tapering tails, 75cm tall
Anagallis Scarlet Pimpernel A spreading, red flowers, ideal in baskets, 20cm tall
Annual Flowers Bedding Mix A an annual mixture of flowers up to 35cm in height
Annual Flowers Cut Flower Mix A an annual mixture of flowers 45cm & upwards in height
Antirrhinum Apricot Showers P a nice bi-colour of apricot and yellow, will flower all season, ideal for pots etc., 20-25cm tall
Antirrhinum Brighton Rock P unusual blotched & striped (with some plain) flowers, ideal for beds, 40cm tall
Antirrhinum Cheerio F2 Mix P excellent bedding variety, 45cm tall
Antirrhinum Lavender Showers P a nice bi-colour of lavender and yellow, will flower all season, ideal for pots etc. 20-25 cm tall
Antirrhinum Madame Butterfly F1 Mix P double open face mixture, Azalea-like flowers in bright colours, 75cm tall
Antirrhinum Magic Carpet F2 Mix P mixture suitable for rockeries etc. in a range of bright colours, 15cm tall
Antirrhinum Tom Thumb Mix P compact dwarf mixture in a wide colour range, ideal for pots, beds & borders etc. 15cm tall
Aquilegia Cottage Garden Mix FP good mixture of free-flowering colours, really top quality blooms, 35-40cm tall
Aquilegia McKana Giant P long spurred mix, contrasting colour range, 1m tall
Arabis Rose of Spring P lovely deep rose-carmine flowers with 15cm stems makes a excellent pot and border plant
Aster Colour Carpet Mix A dwarf mixture, ideal for bedding, 20cm tall

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