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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Marigold - African Atlantis F1 Mix A large double blooms, in a mixture of yellow and orange, 35cm tall
Marigold - African Atlantis F1 Orange A large double bright orange flowers, 35cm tall
Marigold - African Atlantis F1 Yellow A large bright yellow double flowers, 35cm tall
Marigold - African Calando Mix A large full blooms, uniform plants, 35cm tall
Marigold - African Crackerjack A yellow-orange shades, 75cm tall
Marigold - African Cupid A compact dwarf plants with good sized heads, 25cm tall
Marigold - African Dune F1 Mix A a mixture of fully double flowers, of medium size, with good weather tolerance, flowering from mid-summer until the 1st frosts, 30cm tall
Marigold - African Inca A early, double flowered, compact mixture, 35cm tall
Marigold - French Alumia Vanilla Cream A British bred in vanilla cream, flowers over a long period, 20cm height and spread, ideal in salads, sandwiches and seafood, adding a citrus flavour
Marigold - French Bonita Mix A a wide range of double blooms, ideal bedding, 25cm
Marigold - French Goldfinch A clear golden-yellow flowers with dark green leaves, 25cm tall
Marigold - French Juliette A carnation-type heads of rich gold, flecked with red, bushy & compact with a dazzling array of brightness, 25cm tall
Marigold - French Magic Mix A a fine mixture of double and single French marigolds, 30-35cm tall
Marigold - French Naughty Marietta A single yellow blooms with maroon blotches, 35cm tall
Marigold - French Safari Gold A large anemone-type flowers, good for tubs, beds etc. 25cm tall
Marigold - French Safari Mix A large anemone-type flowers, good for tubs, beds etc. 25cm tall
Marigold - French Spanish Brocade A red and gold bi-colour, a nice marigold for bedding 25cm tall
Marigold - French Tiger Eyes A crested double red & gold flowers, 25cm tall
Mesembryanthemum Magic Carpet Mix A a lovely mixture of bright colours, best in full sun, 10cm tall
Michaelmas Daisy Nostalgia Mix FP composite mixture of good colours, blooms Sept/Oct, ideal for cutting, 60cm tall
Mignonette Grandiflora A very fragrant small white flowers with brownish stamens, excellent for bees, 45cm tall
Millet Ornamental Purple F1 P a new millet with leaves & buds in a nice purple, excellent for drying work, 1.5m tall
Mimulus Bounty F1 Mix P dwarf compact habit, free-flowering in bright colours, 10cm tall
Mimulus Magic F1 Mix P early mixture, in a wide colour range, 22cm tall
Mimulus Tigrinus Mix P a mixture of dark and light colours, 30cm tall

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